Anya Taylor-Joy arrived in Australia today ahead of the Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga premiere in Sydney on Thursday. Makes sense of course because they filmed the movie there. What makes less sense to me is that Furiosa is heading to Cannes to screen out of competition and they’re calling that a “world premiere”. How can it be a world premiere a week and a half later if it already had a premiere in Australia? 


Anyway what stood out to me here with these airport photos is that she’s dressed casually. In my mind, whenever I picture Anya Taylor-Joy, it’s always formalwear. Her image is less street style than it is carpet style. I’m not saying she’s never seen in casual clothes, what I’m positing is that when we think of her, we don’t picture her in jeans and a tee. So it’s kind of refreshing to see her not wearing an embellished gown with a headpiece for a change. 


That said, this travel fit isn’t exactly a sweatsuit. I love this cropped sleeveless turtleneck she’s thrown on over the sheer white tank. Also those trousers are deceptively relaxed because while they look comfortable enough to sleep in, they are actually tailored in good quality material. And on her feet, those f-cking Margielas. I have never been able to get with the signature Margiela toe but admittedly the way she’s wearing them here is not offensive. 

Anya keeps coming up on predicted guestlists for the Met Gala. Anya hasn’t been to the Met Gala since 2018 which of course was before Emma. and The Queen’s Gambit, and before her fashion run with Law Roach. The theme that year was Heavenly Bodies, the year everyone dressed like a cathedral. 


Anya wore Dolce & Gabbana and she looked great, but remember, it was the year a thousand embellished popes took over the museum so on that night, she wasn’t really a standout. 

Anya Taylor-Joy at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit Gala 2018

If she returns this year there’s a high probability she’ll be in Dior since she’s their ambassador now. Please let it not be boring.