Erin Doherty stars in the third season of The Crown as grown-up Princess Anne, and she is MAGNIFICENT. She is also, unfortunately, criminally underused. (They skipped the kidnapping attempt! HOW do you skip a princess foiling her own kidnapping attempt?!) But for the brief time Doherty is on screen, she gives a masterclass in Unimpressed Face, perfectly capturing Princess Anne’s legendarily indifferent visage. So let’s celebrate Erin Doherty’s short but perfect turn in season three with a roundup of Princess Anne’s most unimpressed faces.

When Your Brother Will Be King, But You’d Rather Be Riding Horses

Nothing is so ghastly and unimpressive as a royal investiture. All the pomp, all the ceremony, it’s dreadful. One would much rather be galloping across the moors, free and unencumbered, tethered only by the stamina of one’s trusty steed. People are so dull and predictable, horses are far superior company. 


When Your Family Is Engaging In Shenanigans

The royal family is full of machinations and plots, nothing could be more awful. One stands to the side, watching the petty squabbles and rivalries of one’s family, unmoved and unimpressed. None of these people would have the gumption to demand their would-be kidnapper unhand them at once. 


When You Provoke The Shenanigans For Your Own Amusement

Sometimes one is overwhelmed by a terrible and pitiless boredom, and it is then one stirs the pot. A well-timed barb, a too pointed comment, and they come undone, confused and wounded by one’s unexpected droll humor. These are such meager beings, it is easy to command them as puppets, but oh, they are not worth one’s energy. It’s all so boring and unimpressive, in the end. 


When You Seduce A Polo Player, And Get Involved In Your Brother’s Drama

Men are such unimpressive beings, hardly worth one’s effort. Still, it can be satisfying to play with them, as a cat plays with a mouse. These idle games are almost enough to rouse one’s interest, but no, it is all so trivial and pointless in the end.


When You Realize You Might Have Accidentally Sold Out Your Brother

One does, perhaps, feel guilty for saying too much in a certain family meeting, for perhaps implying that one’s own casual fling is the same as one’s dear brother’s affair. One could almost admit to misreading the situation, to projecting one’s own boredom onto others. But surely nothing really bad will come of it all? One will not admit to feeling unimpressed with one’s self, one is just baffled about all the fuss over Charles’s love life. Emotions are such trifling things, after all.