Jacek is posting today in lieu of Emily so it seems like the gossip gods are giving him with some Dakota Johnson content. As I mentioned a couple of months ago, Dakota Johnson, Lori Harvey, and Anne Hathaway are his faves. Here she is in New York, continuing to work on Celine Song’s Materialists, a film that’s been described as a rom-com, co-starring Pedro Pascal and Chris Evans.


I mention rom-com because while she’s working on a romantic story in her professional life, in her personal life the romance that’s been happening for years now has been between Dakota and Chris Martin. Dakota and Chris first started dating back in 2017, so we’re at seven years… and there may be an update. 

Chris and Coldplay performed in Luton the other night. A fan who was at the show shared her story on social media about meeting him when she was on her way to the venue. According to the Standard she was having mobility issues and struggling to get there when he pulled over in a car and gave her a lift. Saundra Glenn says that Chris and his team could not have been more helpful. He chatted with her on the ride, took pictures with her, gave her an advance teaser of what he was planning during the concert, and made sure that the staff accompanied her in a buggy to the accessible area, confirming she was all set with a great seat and a great view before they left. Truly a wonder story about how considerate he and his people were so that she had the best experience possible at the show. 


As for the gossip… well… here’s her post: 


“He’s single” are the words that are jumping out. Saundra is almost 65 years old and you know how aunties can be when you’re talking to them – they get all up in your business. She was talking to Chris about her work and getting older and probably asking him questions about his job and his life and his children and, and, and, and… somehow she got it out of him that he’s single? That’s what Saundra heard! And I’m not here to doubt Saundra! 


Could it be that he was just answering whatever, throwing out a random answer so as to avoid any more questions about his personal life? I mean, sure, but it’s also not like it’s a secret that he and Dakota are together. She’s talked about how much she loves his kids, they’ve been photographed together on multiple occasions, she’s been photographed with his ex-wife on holiday, she’s always at his shows, he’s shouted her out at his shows…

So you could say that it’s more gossipy for him to tell Saundra that he’s single instead of just being like, yeah, I have a girlfriend and we’re good. Which is exactly what’s happened. “Single” is the gossip. And now people are wondering – are Dakota and Chris over?