This is a post featuring three women my husband finds most attractive: Lori Harvey, Dakota Johnson, and Anne Hathaway. 


Starting with Lori – she was seen leaving the gym yesterday ahead of the upcoming release of the Sports Illustrated 2024 Swimsuit Issue, in which she will be featured. Lori wears pieces from her own collection with Revolve, which is a boss move: to model while promoting her own business. 

And that’s been the main focus over the last few months, another boss move. Because, of course, we know so much about Lori through her romances, and that’s OK, she’s built on that, coming out her relationships to her own advantage. Now, then, is the time to capitalise and that’s been where she’s spending her energy: building her own brand, her own celebrity. Lori’s sitting front row at shows in London and Paris and Milan at the Fashion Weeks. I can’t imagine she won’t be invited to attend the Met Gala in May – and that’s also when the Swimsuit Issue comes out. 


Dakota Johnson, meanwhile, was just seen in Rome hanging out with Alessandro Michele, former creative director of Gucci, and responsible for Gucci’s dominance over the past decade (which was waning toward the end of his tenure). They’ve been friends a long time, and she maintains a close relationship with the house. But what’s interesting about seeing her with Alessandro here is that, well, the rumour in the fashion world right now is that he might take over at Valentino. 


It was just announced a few days ago that Pierpaolo Picciolo is leaving Valentino after 25 years, eight of them spent as creative director. There’s no overstating the value of Pierpaolo’s work at Valentino – his gowns were some of the best we saw over the last decade, this is a HUGE shakeup. And Vanessa Friedman’s piece in the New York Times today about how his departure, along with the recent departures of Dries Van Noten and Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen could signal that “Humanity is Out of Fashion”. It’s worth the read, not only because it’s an essay about how technology and greed might be changing the artform but also because it’s a great summary of Pierpaolo’s achievements at Valentino… 

And now there’s rampant speculation that he will be succeeded by Alessandro Michele which, sure, which be a major development but, like, I don’t really want to see that Jared Leto bullsh-t that Alessandro was all about at Valentino, you know? That’s not to say that creatives like Alessandro can’t evolve to the essence of the brand they’re taking over but, you know, it’s a certain vibe. 

As for Dakota, given their close association, will that mean she’ll become a Valentino girl? 


Anne Hathaway was a Valentino girl for many, many years. She is currently connected to Versace, and also on the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair. 

I LOVE the styling here, because in the interview, she talks about her Scorpio energy. Not really a follower of western zodiac myself but this is more about how Anne, who is now in her 40s, is giving Scorpio in this phase of her life. As in no f-cks to give where it doesn’t count, and still giving all the f-cks where it matters. 


Anne Hathaway will always TRY, so hard, and she’s been knocked down for all that trying. She has, however, learned to keep trying but not care so much about who can’t appreciate it. And finally everyone else has caught up to her. She is “Mother” on the internet. She is serving looks on every carpet. She is still theatre girl at heart who isn’t afraid to tear up and feel all her feelings while watching herself in The Princess Diaries. 


Annie can be corny. But she can also be this: 

And it’s so interesting what she says about being told in the early part of her career that she wasn’t sexy, because she’s only gotten sexier and sexier as she’s gotten older. She’s never been more sexy than she is now – and I live with a man who cosigns this truth. We're Squawking about these three today! (app link here)