Rory McIlroy filed for divorce from his wife Erica Stoll just about a month ago. Yesterday it was confirmed that they’ve called off the divorce and have decided to stay married. Not something we see often with celebrities. 


You think a similar turnaround will happen with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez? To be clear, neither one of them has filed for divorce. And neither one has spoken publicly on the record about heading towards divorce. It’s just that there have been so many signs that their relationship is in crisis. And one of the biggest signs of that is the issue of real estate – Ben no longer lives in their marital home, and now they’ve listed the property. 


What’s interesting is that PEOPLE published a story yesterday about the sale, with a source giving an explanation about why they’re selling it: 

"Ben never liked the house. It's too far away from his kids," says a source close to Lopez. As for the singer-actress, "the house is way too big for her," says the source.

I don’t understand how they just realised this now, so many months later, and after over $60 million! Some of us take this long to decide over the pair of $100 jeans waiting for us in our online shopping cart. 

The subtle suggestion there then is that they’re downsizing and changing their residence but that it might not necessarily lead to a divorce? I mean, someone on the team is putting this out there, how true it is remains to be seen. 


Both Ben and JLo were photographed yesterday, separately. Both, however, were wearing their rings. These two know that they’re a heatscore right now (they always are but even more so now) and they also know that the paps and the people who buy the pap photos are on ring watch. So while ring watch, sometimes, is a “which could mean nothing” (ha!) situation, in this situation, it might actually have some significance, at least temporarily. Temporary as in … no permanent decision about the future of their relationship has been made. For all intents and purposes, for today, or at least up to this point today, Bennifer is still Bennifer. But what about Friday, and Friday afternoon? Can we cut the f-ck out for the weekend or do we have to wait around? We’re now on a week by week basis with this marriage, how did we get here?!