When we last checked in on the Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater situation, his estranged wife, Lilly Jay, was not going quietly even though source on Ari and Ethan’s side insist that there was nothing sus about their romantic timeline. As Maria noted last week, this is a public relations faceoff with a power imbalance. 


Ariana is a superstar, she has more resources at her disposal than Lilly. And here’s the latest. According to TMZ this weekend, Ari is “giving Ethan space” while he sorts out his issues with Lilly and they figure out a coparenting plan for their baby. Ethan filed for divorce last week, and he’s been in New York. PEOPLE reports that he was seen in the city on Friday and that someone observed him Facetiming with Ari on the street. TMZ says that he and Ari haven’t been with each other in a while – they want to, but supposedly “that’s not in the cards for the immediate future”. 

Is this being reported with the intention of making sure the public knows that Ariana is being respectful of Ethan’s situation? Or is it a case of … space before next? 

This is a girl who gave us a classic breakup song about her signature breakup bounce. If it’s one thing that Ariana has done over the years where love is concerned it is that she bounces… quickly.

Easy, breezy Ari bounce, “Thank U, Next”, it’s right there in the lyrics: 

“I know they say I move on too fast”


She even foretold her marriage: 

"Only wanna do it once, real bad
Gon' make that sh-t last
God forbid something happens
[At] least this song is a smash”

It IS a smash, but I’m not sure Ethan was listening. This meme was circulating last week and, um, it’s not wrong.

But back to Ariana’s PR strategy – does it remind you a little of Taylor Swift and Matty Healy, particularly in the fan reaction? Ariana’s fans, like Taylor’s, are usually very supportive and forgiving. But Swifties rebuked the Taylor and Matty situationship. And it seems, at least on my feed, that Ari’s fans are doing the same with Ethan. Ariana’s not as beholden to her fanbase in her personal decisions, but she’s definitely aware of how her public feels about this new romance. That’s why we’re getting all these (endorsed) leaks. Will she and Ethan last longer than Taylor and Matty?