A friend of mine sent over a tweet last week that cracked her up. It’s one of those that you wish you had come up with yourself: 

As Amanda Hess wrote in the New York Times a few days ago, “America is in crisis, but the celebrities are thriving” - and THIRSTING. Celebrity news has not slowed down during the pandemic because, well, there’s Instagram and Twitter and YouTube now and they would not like to be forgotten, thank you very much. 

Which has resulted in a lot of cringe and eye-rolling and a piece by Rachel Handler for Vulture in which she asks, “are the celebrities okay?” (ha!) and ranking them by their level of evil. A lot of them are embarrassing. Some of them, however, are not annoying at all. Like Ariana Grande. Who was one of the first to tell people (sometimes shouting) to stay home, self-isolate, keep their distance. This tweet, which I’m sure you’ve seen, is a classic. It should be presented on a platinum plaque at her Hall of Fame ceremony in 20 years. 

Ariana isn’t going anywhere until it’s safe to go somewhere. And so she’s giving her scalp a rest. That signature hairstyle of hers, with the weight of all those extensions and how severely pulled back the hair is, must be murder on her head. This is what she looks like in the wild:


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First, please take note that while the hair is fresh and curly, the eyeliner remains outstanding. If a girl needs to maintain the eyeliner to get through this sh-t, by all means, let the eyeliner live. 

As for the hair… 

It’s pretty, I like it. But there are advantages to having a signature hair look, to keeping it the same day in, day out, year in, year out: it means change is imperceptible. At a glance, without forensic analysis, you can’t date it. It is its own form of eternity – which, for some, is a source of comfort. As soon as this is over, I’m gonna need to see that ponytail again, over an oversized sweatshirt and thigh-high boots. Never, ever thought I would say this five years ago.