Love in the Time of Coronavirus – another installment! This time featuring Ariana Grande! She has a new boyfriend. He’s a (very young-looking) realtor called Dalton Gomez. Could you buy a home from a baby face? Like a multi-million dollar home? Are realtors one of those professions where it matters if the person “looks experienced”, translation: mature? Anyway, I am always amazed at fans and their ability to sleuth sh-t out because the way they figured out that Ari and Dalton are together is some next-level CSI. (Dlisted) 

It’s a Royal Wedding Rewind featuring Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones and holy sh-t, I totally forgot that he “designed” her wedding necklace. Look, Edward is a nice person, I’m sure, and a wonderful husband and doting father. But that thing basically looks like a macaroni necklace. And, yes, it’s so sweet that she still wore it. OMG these throwback pics of the rest of the British royal family though. Beatrice and Eugenie were babies! (Go Fug Yourself) 


Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis went out for groceries again meaning, again, that they’re not hoarding. Which is great. Many grocery stores and pharmacies are now restricting their shops to a certain number of people inside at a time. And when you’re inside and queuing to pay, there is often tape (at least in my neighbourhood) on the floor that shows you where to stand so that you’re not too close to the next person. I had to give someone the evil eye the other day who was not observing the tape. OBSERVE THE TAPE! (Cele|bitchy) 

Kylie Jenner did a really, really great thing today. A wonderful thing. (TMZ) 

These days, when the sun is up, I Zoom. A lot of work is happening on Zoom right now. At night though, I’m on House Party. I often have a few parties “scheduled” through the night. Sometimes I crash a party. Kathleen has become the constant party-crasher of our group though. So far, none of my Zooms or House Parties have involved sex. But… apparently some people are having sex on Zoom? (Slate)