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The big movie release everyone is talking about this week is Justice League, opening Friday. Sarah’s screening it tonight and we’ll have a review up for you in the next couple of days. The film that opens next week, however, is the one I’ve been waiting for you all to see so we can finally talk about it – and this includes Sarah. Since I screened and reviewed it at TIFF, it was not on her schedule: Call Me By Your Name. 

Call Me By Your Name comes out November 24th. To be clear, that’s NEXT FRIDAY. Mark it on your calendars. Set aside the time. This is the film that people have been calling an Oscar contender since January when it premiered at Sundance. For two months I’ve been breathless over text with Sarah about how much I love this movie. So much, so much, so much. And I’m not even worried that she can be a contrarian sometimes. That’s how confident I am – she will not be contrary this time!

The star of CMBYN is Timothee Chalamet, unforgettable and unexpected. But so is Armie Hammer. What Armie Hammer does in this film will make everything else he’s done before totally irrelevant. He hit the reset with this performance, as he tells Kyle Buchanan in his new interview with Vulture published this week. Actors talk all the time about roles that change them, some of them are more believable than others. With Armie though, when he says that being Oliver altered his perspective, his entire life view, there’s no way you can doubt it, especially not when you read this profile. It’s almost as though he’s incapable of doing  justice to the promotion of this film, which is about the gift of vulnerability, without allowing himself to be completely vulnerable. The result is probably one of the most intensely personal celebrity interviews we’ve had all year – and it’s profoundly moving, particularly now, when toxic masculinity is being interrogated every day, multiple times a day even, in Hollywood. This is Armie sharing the intimate details of his attachment to his director Luca Guadagnino, how he struggled to let go of Luca, the resentment he felt when he thought Luca was letting go of him. He’s delicate and sensitive and raw. And if more men were encouraged to speak this way to each other and of each other, if this was what the new “boys’ club” could be, would it change the conversation? 

Click here to read more about Armie Hammer at Vulture. 

Call Me By Your Name in 10 days. 

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