This has been a headline for almost 30 years: “Leonardo DiCaprio was at the party surrounded by models” – could be 1992, 2002, 2012, or 2022. Leo is nothing if not consistently predictable. 


The party, right now, is in Miami for Art Basel. Leo is a regular – because he’s an art lover, Leo knows  all about art, OK? Leo also can never resist the party. Leo’s always looking for the party. When he’s well into his 60s he’ll still be asking “where’s the party”. So the combination of Miami and art and party… well…where else would he be? 

Oh and one more ingredient: the models!

Leo apparently stayed until after 2am and was seen surrounded by models at the party. 


Was he telling them about all the provocative art that he checked out that day? Did they talk about perspective and storytelling and the artists’ message, the relationship between art and humanity, the value of art in times of uncertainty? 

And, um, did Gigi come up? 

Because, of course, Leo and Gigi Hadid are supposed to be a thing. Or were supposed to be a thing. Only Gigi wasn’t there….and now people are wondering if maybe that’s not a thing anymore. Is it because Gigi, at the advanced age of 27, is too old? 

Even if they are still a thing though, this will keep happening as long as Leo’s at the party. Because Leo mostly only goes to parties with models. And every time he’s at a party with models, given his history, people are going to side-eye. This is the reality of dating Leo, he’s become a punchline.