Bermuda shorts as inspired by Jennifer Lawrence

I mentioned Jennifer Lawrence’s long shorts and since then, I can’t stop noticing this trend. A reader wrote in to recommend a pair from Girls Of Dust (a line I hadn’t heard of) and I love the photos, this is exactly the long, wide leg look that Jennifer Lawrence wore. (Thanks Marisa!) 


I found a few more options with a range of sizes and price points: Banana Republic’s Palma short in linen, Uniqlo’s extra-long Relaco shorts (which are in my basket right now) and faux-leather Bermuda shorts from Simons that I’m kind of obsessed with at the moment (they are $40!). 


Jennifer Garner’s smiley-face sweater

Jennifer Garner took her daughter Serafina and JLo’s child Emme to Disneyland and yes this is commendable family blending and it’s also, almost unfairly, not unexpected of Jennifer Garner. There’s a high road and then there’s the road she is on, which is celestial. Jennifer Garner has seen! it ! all! with Benjamin Geza Affleck-Bold. She has lived through Chrissy O., through his affair with an SNL producer Lindsay Shookus – which they were not shy about – and various other skirmishes. A trip to Disneyland with your ex’s wife’s child would be a cake walk (Emme seems very cool). It looks like the stepsiblings were joined by friends as well, so Jennifer Garner may have taken a gaggle of teens to Disneyland, and that is the real story here. Can you imagine how much ride negotiation and stopping for snacks and pee breaks? 


Because the pap shots are everyone, someone asked me to find Jennifer Garner’s sweater. It is Aviator Nation, a brand she wears with some frequency. The version she is wearing is sold out but there’s a cropped sweater on its website as well as a few others in the same line (as seen on its Instagram). 


Tom Holland’s mushroom shacket

Lainey wrote about Tom Holland this morning and a reader quickly asked about the jacket – it’s Percival. I’m not a fashion genius, I was just able to Zoom in on a pap shot. It’s still available and under $400. Expensive for us, regular priced for him. 


Reese Witherspoon’s Paris shoes

Reese Witherspoon is on a girls’ trip to Paris with her mom and daughter and it’s adorable. (Girls trips to typically “romantic” spots always look more fun. Soon-to-be engaged couples do not have dibs on Paris!) She knocked around in these Chloe Odina sandals, which are available through pre-order. Wearing any kind of heel to walk around all day is not my idea of a good time, but I have a wedding in August at a winery and want these shoes. Real bad.