Mindy Kaling’s Bougie Sneakers

I know I’ve floated the controversial opinion that designer sneakers are often fugly and tacky (and not in an ironic way) but what about expensive “tasteful” sneakers? These Rothys are just that – knit (which is not meant to stand up to the elements) and understated in cream. These have a “I know how to pronounce Amagansett” feel to them. This is like if a sneaker went to an Ivy League school. Which makes sense, because so did Mindy. 


Everyone is Italy Except Us: Emilia Clarke Edition

It seems like every summer we are treated to endless carousels of celebrities and influencers in Italy, eating pasta off of colourful plates and boating in sea and looking chic in clothes they definitely bought because they know they would look good on the gram. Emilia Clarke is wearing a striped head scarf and honestly? Great choice because the whole point of “Americans in Italy” style is to look like Gwyneth Paltrow in The Talented Mr. Ripley and this scarf fits. It’s Toteme, a brand that is exploding in popularity for its minimalist chic aesthetic, like The Row but slightly more accessible. And I mean very slightly, it’s still expensive. Her headscarf is the Signature Monogram Silk Scarf in bone and I have only found one still available online (I’ve never ordered from this site, just an FYI). 


If the price tag is feeling a little steep, Swedish brand Le Scarf also has some tasteful striped options with a slightly more accessible price tag. (Thanks Fiona!)


Brooklyn Decker’s Very Good Dress

Brooklyn Decker with her new-ish bob and a very good summer dress. Sleeveless with a high neckline is an underrated cut, in my opinion. This dress looks like it moves and isn’t too precious for humid days or traveling. It’s the Mila Caramel Slip dress by Dissh, a line I hadn’t heard of but will definitely be watching now.


Sarah Jessica Parker’s Safety Pin

I hesitate to cover SJP because her style is so unique and so her own that it’s not about what she wears, but how she wears it. She’s also a meticulous and thoughtful shopper and if you’ve ever read or listened to an interview on how she chooses items, she is a careful consumer. She isn’t just scouring Net-a-porter for the latest season. She wants pieces she can wear for years and years and really thinks about the craftmanship and how they fit into her life. That’s why her clothes show up again and again, like this grey sweater. It dates back to at least 2020 and she wore it through COVID social distancing, she’s worn it on Howard Stern, she’s worn it to public speaking events, to a New Yorker photoshoot and she wore it for this Instagram ad. The sweater has the range because she gave it the range. Ultimately, it’s a grey (I’m guessing cashmere) sweater. What makes it special is the way she plays with it.

Now about the safety pin style, which is what I’ve been specifically asked about. I fully believe she put it on herself, repurposing a v-neck, scoop or cowl neck that didn’t fit quite right. (She also often wears it with her necklace tucked into her bra strap, but that’s whole other dissertation.) 


So, should we all be putting safety pins (or brooches or hair pins) on our sweaters, much like some people tried to wear a Hermes scarf on their arm like Carrie Bradshaw? If it feels good and genuine to your taste, go for it. If it doesn’t feel good, then there’s another lesson to learn here: invest smartly in a grey sweater because the right one will last forever.

Attached - Mindy Kaling out for dinner in LA late last month.