Fleishman is in Trouble (and so am I)

We have a real fashion mystery on our hands, folks! A reader sent me an inquiry about a belt Claire Danes wore in Fleishman is in Trouble. It’s red and very unique. 


She has done a lot of research herself and I also went deep in every direction, from Toteme, The Row, Alaia and Vaincourt to vintage Gucci, Christian Lacroix, Valentino, Ferragamo, Phoebe Philo-era Celine and multiple vintage and reseller sites. I even looked at Hermes dog collars, that’s the level of desperation here. 

Not only did I not see this belt, I did not see anything remotely close to this belt. This is extremely puzzling because no design house (whether it’s Old Navy or Loro Piana) makes one belt. Usually an accessory is reproduced for several seasons and in different colours. Sure there are one-of-a-kind couture belts, but that is not the norm. Also, most designer belts (this character wears a lot of high-end clothes) have some kind of monogram and this one obviously does not. 

This belt is unusual, with a double circle horsebit (that’s how I would describe it but it’s not necessarily correct) and side square gold buckle. I strongly suspect it is vintage because the circles are covered in leather, very common for belts from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Today, exposed silver or gold metal is more common. But that hasn’t helped my search.

So I’m putting out an APB: have you seen this belt? Do you have any information that might lead to the identification of this belt? This belt is on my most wanted list. Hit me up if you know!

The mystery belt

Reese’s cat eye sunglasses

Reese Witherspoon’s cat eye sunglasses are a much more severe shape than she usually wears and I love them. These are Celine, my favourite sunglass line (I wear prescription sunglasses so keep multiple pairs around as I have pretty poor eyesight and sensitive eyes – I’m a delicate flower). Celine IMO has the coolest shapes right now and the branding isn’t over-the-top. 

To keep in mind for glasses and sunglasses: it’s a highly monopolized industry (this LA Times article is from 2019, but the issue hasn’t gotten better) so just know that paying for designer glasses doesn’t mean the quality is higher. Multiple brands are made in the same factories so buy for shape and comfort, never the name on the arm. 


Scarlett Johansson’s cashmere sweater

I was stumped yet again, but I don’t feel as bad about my incompetence with this one and I will explain why. A reader wrote in looking for the oatmeal sweater Scarlett is wearing in the second photo. 

I honed in on cashmere (or cashmere blends) and there are dozens of cashmere lines and nearly every label (again, from Everlane to Gap to Brunello Cucinelli) makes one. Seriously, why is there so much cashmere? Are people just draping themselves in it year-round like a glamorous divorcee? That actually sounds pretty chic.

Back to Scarlett’s sweater, which has ribbed arms, but is not ribbed on the body, and it has a slight balloon sleeve at the wrist with a cuff. Very classic and frankly, the classics are the hardest to identify. That said, she wears a lot of labels like LouLou Studio, Rails, James Perse, Allude, Le Kasha and Lapointe. I suspect this particular sweater is from a couple of seasons ago as most of the promo shots for The Outset date back to at least spring 2022. 

But I’m not a total slacker so here are a few currently available options: a honeycomb ribbed sweater from Club Monaco  with a similar body cut, Reformation (closest in colour) and Nadaam Essential Crew with a similar neckline and cuffed wrist. For someone who wants to really splash out, there’s Loro Piana (to get an idea on price range, these are the sweaters they dress Logan in on Succession), Naked Cashmere, The Row, Khaite and Toteme  - all pricey “forever” pieces. 


A sweater I can find: Jenna Dewan edition

Jenna Dewan takes a lot of selfies and her casual looks are really cute. This cropped cardigan looks like Aritzia. (The sandals are Hermes and only available in white on the website.) 


Hailee Steinfeld’s boots

These brown boots immediately caught my eye and I’m sorry to report they look like The Row (the brown ones are at Nordstrom Canada but not on The Row’s site). I say “I’m sorry” because the Olsens are not shy with the pricing, which is a problem as I love so much of this line. I’ve had my eye on the Mary Janes forever and now they are nearly sold out.