In the previous post about Bennifer, I mentioned Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon’s red carpet energy at their promotional events for their new rom-com Your Place or Mine. People have been commenting about how distanced they seem and whether or not it means anything and when asked about it on a podcast he was basically like, well, if we’re too close, there will be rumours about an affair. And if we’re not close enough, everyone will think we hate each other. 


Well here they are last night and he has his arm around her and they’re standing closer together and laughing together or fake-laughing together so… is this still a story? 

As I said earlier, I see his point about how we speculate about celebrities – that’s why Photo Assumption is our favourite game of baseless conclusions – but I don’t see his point that people might end up rumouring that these two specifically would have something on the low because there are examples of celebrities who do the rom-coms and then do the carpets and are hanging off of each other and nobody’s out here trying to start a rumour. 

Best example: George Clooney and Julia Roberts. They’re close friends, like Ashton and Reese claim to be, and they were inseparable during the press tour for Ticket to Paradise and nobody was suggesting otherwise. I feel like it would be the same in this case? 

Anyway, this wasn’t what I was fixated on where these carpets shots are concerned. My issue is Ashton’s wardrobe. It’s cardigans and schlumpy jackets. Nothing looks well tailored but not in an intentional way. That’s the disconnect for me with the pictures. Their respective fashion is selling two different movies.