While her parents, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, were at The Albies with George and Amal last night, Kaia Gerber was in Paris with Austin Butler. They went to see Blackpink’s Lisa perform at the legendary Parisian cabaret, Crazy Horse. Austin and Kaia have been in Paris for fashion week, which I bring up mainly because I am still very much looking forward to Austin’s next film, The BikeridersIt doesn’t come out till December, there’s a chance we could see a press tour for that film, if the AMPTP gets in gear and settles with the actors reasonably soon. I really want to see Tom Hardy and Austin Butler cope with each other on a press tour. I feel like they’ll either get along GREAT, or Jodie Comer will lowkey be playing referee the whole time.


Sidenote, I wasn’t sure when Austin and Kaia started dating, and googling it led me to an interesting bit of trivia. Prior to Austin Butler, Kaia Gerber dated Jacob Elordi (these relationships didn’t overlap, as far as we know, but they were, um, close on the timeline). Austin, obviously, broke out playing Elvis Presley. Jacob Elordi will next be seen playing Elvis Presley in Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla. Kaia Gerber has dated BOTH Elvises. I would like to do one (1) red carpet interview and it is to ask Kaia Gerber which of her boyfriends gave the better Elvis performance.