There is still so much more to say about the Crazy Rich Asians Hollywood premiere last night that I’m spacing out for the rest of the week. Because, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m bombarding you with the coverage every day until the movie comes out. Like any standard variety Hollywood blockbuster. Crazy Rich Asians is getting that kind of treatment. For now, please enjoy these photos of Awkwafina while you check out the following reads from our internet friends. 

Have you seen Leonardo DiCaprio’s before and after shots yet? I f-cking love this. I love imagining this coming up in conversation when his girlfriend, Camila Morrone, 21, is around. By the way, did you hear about the time your middle-aged boyfriend had his chin reduced? Because in his head, Leo probably thinks he’s still 25. And I’m not sure there are too many people around him who remind him otherwise. (Dlisted) 

The Fug Girls aren’t into this look on Brooklyn Decker. I, however, am all over it. 100%. This is a great suit. And the pants are the perfect length for no heels. And putting the fanny pack around her shoulders preserves the fall of the jacket and the pants. No problems here. (Go Fug Yourself)  

Could this really be happening? Will there be a Victoria Beckham x goop collaboration? The thing about VB is that she’s exactly the kind of girl Gwyneth Paltrow types would have laughed at and mocked back and in the day – or even now. Because Victoria, bless her, has never pulled off “effortless”. As bullsh-t as the idea that “effortless” has become, Victoria has always, always tried. And Gwyneth… ? Gwyneth, the CEO, is all about how hard she works and her entrepreneurial spirit. But has she ever come across to you like she’s someone who’s had to try? (Cele|bitchy) 

This quiz made me miss Hong Kong so much. There was an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, I think it was the Sichuan episode, where he or one of his guests said that Chinese people were the original foodies – and I totally agree. Food culture was a thing in Hong Kong and in other parts of Asian well before that was even an English-language term. So picking through these food options was the best memory. And somehow my food age ended up being 13-18 years old…THANK YOU. (Buzzfeed) 

Does a haircut change a character? Of course. But can it change a person? Trickier question. What they don’t show in the movies is what happens after the “magic” of the haircut starts to fade. That always happens in real life. (The Cut) 

I haven’t read the GQ Ethan Hawke story yet. This is a before bedtime indulgence. Should we do it together? I’m worried. Because I already know the words “Troy Dyer” will come up in this interview. (GQ)