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Welcome back to those of you in Canada returning from Thanksgiving weekend. Let’s start today by acknowledging two women in entertainment who were the highlights in what could have been a total bummer weekend for women. Awkwafina hosted Saturday Night Live, the first Asian woman to host the show in 18 years. As she said during her monologue, it was Lucy Liu, back in 2000, who showed her that it was possible. Which is why she took the time to thank and honour Lucy and, hopefully, it won’t be another 18 years. Hopefully, at some point, it won’t actually be all that remarkable. For now though, yes, of course, the year she’s had is indeed remarkable. She is, after all, a Snake, born in 1989. Remember what my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, forecast for those born under the sign of the Snake during this, the Year of the Dog:

The Snake is considered the third luckiest sign during this Year of the Dog. It could be a better year than last year. Three peaceful stars are shining on the Snake that may help to reduce potential drama. It may be a good year for marriage and honeymoon and babies. It could also be a good year for career and money. Investments should return well. 

It checks out, non? 

And she had the support of her Crazy Rich Asians family this weekend too:  


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When will it be Constance Wu’s turn? 

It’s Jodie Whittaker’s turn right now. The new Doctor Who premiered to big ratings on Sunday, the highest in ten years, led by the first female Time Lord. Jodie’s performance received near universal acclaim. Imagine the pressure she would have been feeling? Imagine what that would have been like, to have auditioned for the role, to then accept the role, and then to have to do the work knowing the expectations, knowing what was on the line? 

Jodie was born in 1982. She’s a Dog in the Year of the Dog. Here’s what ma forecast for Dogs back in February:

Last year was a year of waiting for the Dog. This year the Dog could see some action. There’s a star shining on the Dog that will help to reveal you– as in everyone may finally see your potential, your gifts.  

Heads up: Jodie Whittaker will be on The Social with us this afternoon. Can’t wait to meet her. 

So two glasses up for Awkwafina and Jodie. May there be more. 

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