Dear Gossips,

GUNG HAY FAT CHOY! Happy New Year!

We went out last night for Lunar New Year’s Eve. Ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, ordered some romaine lettuce, stir fried with chillies which, I know, doesn’t sound all that special. But it was important that we each have a piece. In Cantonese, lettuce is “sahng choi” – “sahng” means living, “choi” means greens. So it’s tradition at New Year to eat lettuce because it represents life. But if you tweak the pronunciation of “sahng choi” slightly, it also sounds like you’re saying “birthing fortune”. Eating lettuce, then, at New Year, is a hope for prosperity during the coming year. Have some lettuce today. 

It’s the Year of the Dog! And the Dog is our final Chinese zodiac sign to be profiled today. Last year was a year of waiting for the Dog. This year the Dog could see some action. There’s a star shining on the Dog that will help to reveal you– as in everyone may finally see your potential, your gifts. However there are two sh-tty stars that may cause injury. Dogs are advised to take care of health, in particular lung health, and avoid high risk activities. Female Dogs this year may be irritable, especially around their partners. Manage your temper, try not to lash out. Lashing out will have consequences. 

In general though, Dogs should mind their moods. The next part is hard to translate, get the tone exactly right – here’s how it came out from ma: “this year Dogs will keep yelling at people”. (Donald Trump is a dog.) It’s related to barking. Dogs bark. Sometimes their bark is effective. Sometimes the bark is not that effective. This year would be one of those times. Use your bark strategically. A constantly bossy and loud barking Dog will not be as effective as a Dog who carefully picks and chooses their barking times. If you’re a Dog then, try not to bark at people so much this year. 

All Dogs during the Year of the Dog could benefit from the advice of three mentors. These may include a good friend, someone at work, or a scholar. Young Dogs especially are encouraged to learn from their mentors and study hard. This will become an asset very soon. 

1958 Wood Dog – Dogs born this year may have offended someone in their pasts, a friend who could have helped you. Don’t bark at them. And celebrate a big birthday. 

1970 Metal Dog – the luckiest of all Dogs during the Year of the Dog. Possibility of romance. Mimi is a 1970 Dog! 

1982 Water Dog – finances should be stable if you’ve been responsible and smart with your money, income and expenses are balanced. 

1994 Fire Dog – there could be some lottery or gambling luck for Dogs born this year, with a benefactor helping too. And good romantic prospects. If you have a scar on your forehead or an obstruction, celebrate a big birthday. If you’re not sure if you have a scar or obstruction, just celebrate a big birthday anyway. Justin Bieber is a 1994 Dog. He’s been covering his forehead lately. He might want to consider keeping it clear.  

2006 Earth Dog – there’s a tripping alert so parents or guardians of this young Dog should watch their step.  

For all Dogs, stability is key this year. Stay stable and it’s a win. 

Summer Dogs and older Dogs could be susceptible to heat because the strength of the Fire this year. Be cautious when you spend time outside. There’s also a flu alert and other viruses to be mindful of. Stay cool, because otherwise you might start yelling at people and that’ll make you anxious because you’re always yelling at people.  

All Dogs should reduce driving if possible this year. Whenever you can. Obviously if you have to drive to work, you have to drive to work. But on occasions when you have other options, let someone else drive. 

And Dogs should look after their bodies, exercise, stay fit. A sensible diet is a good idea. 

Between now and March 4, go see the doctor for a full checkup with bloodwork, especially summer Dogs. Go to church if that’s your thing. Spend time with your spiritual community. Or volunteer. 

Between April 5 and May 5 there is an accident advisory. Stay calm. Do not panic. Do not rush. And beware of backstabbers. Make sure the people you trust deserve your trust. Also rest as much as you can, don’t push yourself. 

The Year of the Dog is not go time for Dogs. Rather, it’s a year of maintenance, steadiness. There may not be any major changes in your life this year. And, sometimes, status quo is exactly what you need. Dogs by nature thrive in structure and stability. So if you can manage that structure and stability, think of all the luck you’ll be able to harvest and bank around you. In structured and stable conditions, Dogs can access their strengths, reach their full potential. Instead of being afraid then, think of this as an advantage of how you can find your power from a solid foundation – in the Dog’s case, its super power is constancy. 

Unlike, for example, its countersign in the zodiac, the Dragon. Dragons, as discussed, can be volatile. This is why it could be a low luck year for Dragons. If you are a Dragon then, ma has prepared 13 lucky charms to be given away. To Dragons only. They are rabbit charms because the Rabbit is the luckiest sign this year. If you would like a charm for the Dragon, please send an email with “LUCKY CHARM” in the title to [email protected] by Monday, February 19 at noon ET. It will be a random draw. Standard contest rules apply

To everyone and all, may there be peace and happiness during the Year of the Dog. Healthy wishes to you and yours. Hoping you are safe and surrounded by love. And that luck will find you in your time of need. 

Have a great weekend!


Yours in gossip,