It’s Kathleen again. I’m handling What Else while Lainey is off partying with Sebastian Stan and Taika Waititi. Just kidding, she’s working more red carpets. I just wanted to remind Sarah one more time that she missed out on Sebastian and Taika. 

Les Moonves is stepping down as CEO of CBS. Six more women have come forward to accuse him of sexual harassment and assault. Their stories echo the gross abuse of power we’ve unfortunately heard so many times.  We now know that Les also allegedly abused his power to derail Janet Jackson’s career (#NeverForget) but since the world is trash, Les Moonves might walk away with a 120-million dollar severance package. (Dlisted)

Christina Aguilera performed at Opening Ceremony’s fashion week show last night and, as far we know, no shoes or female rappers were harmed during her performance. (Jezebel)

Awkwafina is living her best life at New York Fashion Week. It’s her first. If you’ve been following along on her IG, she’s excited and grateful to be there. We write often about how fashion and career are not mutually exclusive. One compliments the other. If you do it right, fashion can elevate the work. Awkwafina has great style. She’s now being invited to the big couture shows, along with Gemma Chan. The come up continues.  (Just Jared)

Nike sales have just gone up since they endorsed Colin Kaepernick and made him and his fight to end police violence against black people in America the face of their 30th anniversary Just Do It campaign. Their sales have soared in spite of the dumb ass people burning shoes and threatening to boycott. Good riddance. They can enjoy their New Balance. (Cele|bitchy) 

Why is Blake Lively dressed like P.T. Barnum meets Tuxedo Mask? Sailor Moon fans, where you at? If you scroll through these photos from Ralph Lauren’s 50th Anniversary party, you’ll find Tracee Ellis Ross in an outfit that makes up for whatever Blake is doing. (Go Fug Yourself)

I haven’t watched last night’s episode of Insecure yet. However, Twitter spoiled it for me and I will never trust the Internet again. Let’s just say that there is a certain group of fans that will be very happy. (Vulture)