Ali Wong and Ayo Edebiri have both swept this (seemingly interminable) award season and this weekend also gave us some of the best looks on the red carpet. I mean, if you want to be a stickler, technically there is one loss on Ayo’s page – she did not win the BAFTA Rising Star Award a couple of weeks ago but that award is voted on by the public so I don’t know that we can consider it in the same category as the Golden Globes, the Critics Choice, the Emmy, and the SAG. For that reason, I’m calling it a sweep. 


Also for that reason, and this is just my theory, it’s why her BAFTA dress was unremarkable. Especially not after the amazingness of her Emmys look. Please, can we just appreciate it one more time because, MY GOD this Louis Vuitton. 


Ayo and her stylist went in a totally different direction for the SAGs. This is Luar – a checked hooded gown, I f-cking love it so much. Because it’s fresh, it’s unlike anything else we’ve seen on her, and on anyone else there. checked, open neck, draped and bloused and caping at the back. It’s streetwear but make it red carpet, cool and funky fresh. 


Here’s another angle that really showcases the construction of the dress by Raul Lopez, one of the most exciting designers on the scene right now. He’s had an explosive two or three years but this is by far his biggest red carpet moment and we are about to see a lot more of his work. 

Ayo Edebiri at the 30th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall on February 24, 2024 in Los Angeles, California

Like Ayo, Ali Wong has pretty much won everything. She took the SAG on Saturday, the Spirit Award on Sunday, and Beef won the Producers Guild Award later that night. That’s three looks and three big style moments. 


Ali’s stylist is Tara Swennen, Kristen Stewart’s longtime stylist, and you can really see the influence in choices that were made for Ali’s triple weekend. First at the SAGs, it was a stunt – Iris Van Herpen, with all those branches cascading around her, which were removable and we saw that when she went up on stage to accept the award. 


For the Spirit Awards it was a clown collar sequined backless Cong Tri dress. This is exquisite… 


…but it’s not my favourite. My favourite was the final look of the weekend – Ali in Erdem and please, please appreciate this swing, because it is a swing!

Oh my GOD that is so good. Those sleeves, the way the skirt is draped and layered, and just the magic of styling because I wish I could see how she could got the blazer and those big puffs on the arms to work together? Like are those puffs independently attached around the sleeves of the blazer? If so, they’ve done it in a way that doesn’t look sloppy – it’s all so polished and crisp, high fashion and unusual.

Plus, excellent decision to go with the fake bangs to add to the character of the look. This is why stylists are more than just personal shoppers or people who pull clothes off a website. It takes so much skill and imagination and f-cking TALENT to make this happen.