Gather ‘round kids, it’s story time. Or, rather, it’s history time. Because once upon a time, wayyyy before Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, there was another popstar-athlete romance that dominated the zeitgeist. Last week I described Taylor and Travis as a unicorn event that happens on a rare comet’s orbit. Well, in pop culture terms, a quarter of a century is pretty much the equivalent. And that’s what went down over 25 years ago when Posh met Becks. 


Posh was a member of the biggest group in the world. The Spice Girls, in the 90s, were a global force – and if you were too young or weren’t around back then, just trust us, we are old but we know. It is impossible to overstate what a big deal they were, the five of them: Baby, Ginger, Scary, Sport, and Posh, aka Victoria Beckham née Victoria Adams. 

David Beckham meanwhile was the star of English football. And I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you the popularity of the sport. American football is influential in North America. Football, however, is a planetary obsession. 

Posh and Becks were young and successful and beautiful and they fell in love and they were THE STORY. And they loved being the story. They dressed in matching tacky outfits. They got married on matching thrones. They were celebrated and worshipped. And then, because this is the way of celebrity, they were torn down. The tabloids turned on them. There was a major cheating scandal – allegations that David was having an affair with his assistant, Rebecca Loos. The papers followed with story after story of David with multiple models including Sarah Marbeck and Esther Canadas. 


David denied every single accusation. Posh stayed by his side. She looked miserable but loyal, and they had two more children. And almost 20 years have now passed. And even though the tabloids keep trying to break them up, rumouring every other year that they’re on the verge of separation, the Beckhams have remained. 

And now, a docuseries about David that just dropped on Netflix covering his career and his personal life. From what I’ve seen the reviews have been great. Not surprisingly, the part that’s getting the most attention is about Victoria, because she’s talking about the infidelity era for the first time. 

I’m starting Beckham tonight so I can’t really give my full impression yet of what she says and how she says it. But I can tell you that the Beckhams are not breaking away from the position they’ve consistently held – which is that he did not cheat on her. This, however, is Victoria finally sharing what it was like to be in that heat. She says she resented him for bringing that f-ckery into their family, even if she believed him, even though he insisted he did nothing wrong, they were still at the center of a huge storm. 


Does it matter if so many people who’ve been following their saga don’t buy the denials? For the record, I don’t buy the denials. But, like I said, does it matter? 

It’s been 20 years. Whether or not he cheated, they pushed through it, they recommitted themselves. And since then, it’s been win after win. Especially this year with Lionel Messi joining David’s Inter Miami and making an immediate impact with their first title (although his mystery injury is certainly concerning) and now the release of the docuseries which is basically the Beckham victory lap. It’s as if they’re saying, but not having to say it out loud, look where we are now, motherf-ckers. He’s a successful team owner now and she’s built her own fashion house and just wrapped up another show at Paris Fashion Week with Anna Wintour in the front row. 


So here they are at the premiere last night, with all their children and their partners in attendance – the Beckhams giving us a full team effort. Taylor has her friend squad. But the Beckhams? For the Beckhams it’s a FAMILY SQUAD. 


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