Brooklyn Beckham turned 24 years old on Saturday and he celebrated with his wife, Nicola, and his family including David and Victoria, and also Cruz and Harper Seven. Romeo, I assume, was training with his team. 


Seeing Brooklyn and his parents together never used to be out of the ordinary. The Beckhams, as we know, move as a unit. Or at least they did, until Brooklyn got married. And after his wedding, understandably, he and Nicola would have wanted to carve out time for themselves, to build their own lives. That said, there was a lot of gossip last year because it seemed like Brooklyn and Nicola were with her family more than his. And then the rumours about an estrangement between the couple and the Beckhams over the wedding dress and whatever whatever and why they weren’t commenting anymore on each other’s social media posts. All that has since subsided…

Especially after the wedding lawsuit details came out, which have nothing to do with Victoria and David. Nicola’s dad is suing the former wedding planners and the documents that have emerged related to the case paint Nicola and her family as billionaire assholes – disorganised, unreasonable, chaotic. When the Beckham side is mentioned, the portrayal is flattering: Victoria and David come out looking accommodating and completely removed from the situation. And, remember, they’re the big name celebrities with almost 30 years of tabloid experience, so if anyone was supposed to emerge from this as a high-maintenance wedding monster, it should have been Victoria, the dreaded monster-in-law. At least that was the narrative, right? That’s not what the paperwork shows though.   


And so now, after a long stretch of bad press for both Brooklyn and Nicola, about his multiple failed careers, about her being a toxic bride, about her family of rich f-cks, suddenly they’re all in tight with the Beckhams, putting on a big happy family display. And the Beckhams have welcomed them back happily. Because that’s what parents do. That’s what the Beckhams do.