In her Celebrity Social Media post on Monday this week, Maria mentioned all the wedding drama that’s come out of Nicola Peltz-Beckham’s father’s lawsuit against her former wedding planners. Nelson Peltz is a billionaire. He’s suing people who are not billionaires. And in the documents related to the lawsuit, what’s emerged is total chaos. The Cut has a good summary of it here


But remember, in the days following the wedding, the tabloids focused on the relationship between Nicola and Victoria Beckham and whether or not they were getting along. The speculation was based mostly on their social media interactions and why Nicola’s wedding dress was not a Victoria Beckham design. Which Nicola ended up explaining later – that she wanted to wear VB but the scheduling didn’t work with VB’s atelier so she went with Valentino instead. The Beckhams, meanwhile, haven’t said a word about it publicly. 

Now with all the paperwork from the lawsuit being exposed, it turns out that the Beckhams, and Victoria in particular, had nothing to do with anything and were as far away from the wedding drama as possible – because Nicola explicitly instructed the wedding planners to keep all the details from Victoria and the Beckhams. Not only that, the Beckhams were apparently way more organised in what they had to contribute to the wedding than the Peltzes. They submitted everything on time, in a clear and concise matter, and were nowhere near the action, and by action I mean the heat. 


Victoria wasn’t the only one kept in the dark. According to the wedding planners, Nicola and her mother also didn’t want Nelson to know how much certain things were costing, including her hair and makeup.

So here’s Victoria, minding her own business in London today, even though the initial reports coming out of the wedding cast her in the monster-in-law role. If we’re going by this lawsuit, she likely wasn’t a monster-in-law at all, at least not during the wedding. But if you look back on last summer and how Victoria handled all that coverage at the time, it’s not like she actively pushed back against it either. There wasn’t a lot of leaking coming out of the Beckham camp; the Beckham position was to not comment on it at all. 


Because ultimately that wouldn’t necessarily help her son. And say what you will about Victoria Beckham, since I know that the British tabloids have made it so that we always want to believe the worst, but she doesn’t f-ck around when it comes to her kids. 

This is not a good look for the Peltzes right now. It hasn’t been a good look for a long minute for nepo babies, and Nicola is a billionaire nepo baby who’s now making headlines for allegedly being a bridezilla. So, by extension, Brooklyn is all wrapped up in this and the headlines about Brooklyn, also a nepo baby, haven’t exactly been generous. And all of this is a lot of pressure on a young couple. As a mother, that’s probably what Victoria would be worried about.