It’s Monday, so maybe that’s why I’m a little annoyed with some celebrities today. Starting with Megan Fox, who has been making not-so-cryptic Instagram posts about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly and now wants to chastise everyone for picking up what SHE was putting down.


If she wants to protect Sophie Lloyd, then say that. But she invoked Beyoncé and now she’s trying to call it “baseless rumours.” Not to sound like a toddler, but she started it. Isn’t this the worst kind of celerity behaviour? Jumping up and down begging for attention and then acting aggrieved by the attention that follows? 

Pink talked about Lady Marmalade – again - with a dig at Christina Aguilera. Here’s the thing: was Christina a difficult person to work with, by many accounts? YES. But the context of her age and the era, when being a female pop star was a blood sport, makes a difference. 


Lady Marmalade came out in 2001 and in 2006 Pink wrote “Stupid Girls” which was in line with her “pick me, I’m not like the other girls” energy that she carried. Her early persona was about being the outsider and the underdog (but was she ever, really?) and she still carries that energy with big “pink pussy hat suburban mom” attitude. In 2018, Maya and Lil Kim reunited with Christina for Lady Marmalade. And Lil Kim has talked about how there was tension but doesn’t single out anyone – she describes it more as everyone being in their corner with their own teams. But it’s not 2006 anymore and fandoms can, and do, clap back which is why Pink got so defensive and called everyone “nuts.” But when it comes to haters, maybe the call is coming from inside the house.


Despite predictions of its demise, Twitter is still alive and in my opinion just as good as ever. How could I leave a platform that gives us this. 

Have you read the details of the lawsuit between Nicola and Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham and their wedding planners? Well, one of their wedding planners. The Peltzes were hiring and firing people up until the last minute. This is why billionaires should pay their bills, because now there are hundreds of text messages released to the public. We get an inside look at the drama centered around the guest list, which was extremely disorganized and caused a lot of stress (mainly because Nicola and her mother refused to sit down and deal with it). 


It’s a scene of chaos and entitlement and expectations that couldn’t be met because there simply wasn’t time or manpower. It reminded me of the Succession episode when Kendall planned his birthday party. Two things that stuck out for me: Lewis Hamilton accidentally RSVP’ing yes (LOL) and the OG Beckhams come out of it looking great. They provided a clean, organized guest list with no issues and Nicola and her mother hid problems from them. Meanwhile, Nicola’s mom wanted to hide the hair and makeup bill (around $100k) from her husband (Nicola’s dad) and he wanted to cancel the wedding. Interesting that so many stories put a positive spin on Brooklyn’s relationship with his father-in-law then, right? Hmmm. I also need to defend Brooklyn’s lettuce-wrapped burger “for the girls” here – I eat my In-N-Out burgers like that. Not because I’m scared of bread (at all), but I genuinely prefer it. After all this mess, how do you think the wedding turned out? 


I get a sneaking suspicion that it was probably tense and a little boring because when there’s this much expectation on one day (or even one weekend), it sets everyone on edge.