Dear Gossips,

Bela, Eloise, Lucia, and Mila are known as The Linda Lindas, and yesterday they went viral. If you’ve already seen this video, you know what a fist-pumper it is. And if you haven’t, well, this is the perfect start to the weekend, which happens to be a long weekend here in Canada so, heads up, we’ll be light today and dark on Monday, with regular gossip schedule resuming on Tuesday. 


Back to The Linda Lindas, a four-member band you might recognise if you’ve seen the movie Moxie on Netflix. The Los Angeles Public Library posted a clip yesterday from their performance to kick off AAPI Celebration Month back on May 4 and then suddenly it seemed like all of Twitter was talking about them – from their punk rock attitude to the Bikini Kill t-shirt, Bela, Eloise, Lucia, and Mila, who actually opened for Bikini Kill back in 2019 for one of their sets, give us all hope for the future. 

This is not an understatement. Watch. 


COME ON! Blast that out of your car all day!

The Linda Lindas “describe themselves as embodying the spirit of original punk, power pop and new wave through today’s ears, eyes and minds” so they rock hard and they think smart and now we all want tickets to their concert, right? 

For me, personally, seeing The Linda Lindas get this much hype feels like a dream. Because in western music, it’s rare for Asians to represent, period. And then in this particular music space? I certainly didn’t see it when I was their age (they currently range between 10 and 16). I imagine it might be a similar experience for people in the Latinx community too (half the members of The Linda Lindas are Asian and half are Latinx). This is what happens when we limit stories and who gets to be in them. Obviously The Linda Lindas are saying f-ck that sh-t. 

If you want more of The Linda Lindas, here’s the full video of their performance at the LA Public Library. I’m going to listen to this whole set when I work out later. 



To learn more about The Linda Lindas, check out their website. I just ordered one of their band shirts, the first band shirt I’ve bought in three years. Like since Radiohead I think in 2018. And record label executives… what are you doing?! SIGN THEM ALREADY!

Yours in gossip,