It’s totally a ritual now, right? Ending the week with a Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas sighting? I don’t think sighting is the accurate word anymore though because there’s an element of rareness that’s built into a sighting and, well, not sure anyone would say that seeing Ben-Ana together is rare anymore.


There is an update though. Most of the photos we’ve seen the last few weeks of Ben and Ana have been while they’re walking their dogs at his home in Brentwood. Lately though they’ve been photographed in Venice, where she has a place. So they’re going back and forth, not unlike non-famous people who are dating and haven’t quite officially moved all the way in yet. Which I guess means that…they haven’t quite moved all the way in yet, but they do spend every night together? Probably you’ve been there, or you know someone who’s been there. Look at that, Ben and Ana, “just like us!” 

I wonder what a relationship expert would say about this, about all the relationship dilemmas that have come up during the pandemic. In Ben and Ana’s case, they fell in love just before lockdown. They’ve obviously decided that they weren’t going to be apart during lockdown. But beyond that, is it better to not make any major decisions about the relationship and its future until after the lockdown is over, so as not to allow a global health crisis to influence the situation? 

Then again, there’s nothing like a global crisis to get you in a “carpe diem” state of mind. Who knows what’s ahead, who knows what will change, what will remain, where we’ll be, and who we’ll be. So if and when love presents itself, the urge is to be like, well if not f-cking now, then when, right? 

PS. This is not an endorsement for you to fly across the country to meet the person you’ve met online who might be The One. I’m just saying I can understand the compulsion to.