During the early part of the pandemic in North America, when lockdown was first imposed in Los Angeles, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’s near-daily dog walks became a comforting scene out of Hollywood. There was a lot of reporting on this – not just from me but from many entertainment and news outlets discussing why BenAna became almost a reliable source of stability at a time when our default setting was imbalance. 


And then, as the summer took over, after reopening, as people were allowed more sh-t to do, Ben and Ana recedes, almost as though they knew they weren’t needed anymore.


The second wave of COVID-19 is now worldwide. Many parts of North America are facing lockdown or already back in lockdown. New measures have now been put in place in LA to curb the spike in new cases. And after a few months of shooting on location and generally staying undercover – look, Ben and Ana took the dogs out for a walk yesterday. They were joined by two of Ben’s kids. 

You know this time of year especially, many people go to their favourite classic movies/shows/songs/books? Ben and Ana are the Love Actually of celebrities during the pandemic. I mean, this is obviously not what they want to see on their IMDb pages. But the fact is, as we approach the end of 2020, their reliable outings have been one of the main celebrity stories of the year.