I got an email yesterday that made me laugh – the reader is pregnant and she can’t get enough of this Ben Affleck-Ana de Armas storyline. Her message was pretty much, “they’re so in love, they’re so hot, I need more!” So to that person, I am at your service. Or I should say, they are at your service. 

Here they are yesterday, out for another walk with the dog, and Photo Assumption, our favourite game of baseless conclusions, says that they’re getting deeper into it the longer they’re SD-ing together. I don’t  know where she’s going in those leather pants and house shoes but you know what? A lot of people are tired of being in pyjamas for days on end and have been throwing on real clothes for an hour or two just to feel normal again. I’m actually afraid to do this. I’m also afraid about not knowing when we’ll actually have to wear real clothes – weeks, months, longer? 

Maybe we do need a little more celebrity love in our lives. And here’s the thing about falling in love – it can be its own form of social distancing. You ever been in love so hard that the only thing you want to do is spend time with that one person? Seems like that’s Ben and Ana right now. If he’s not with his kids, he’s with her. Celebrity schedules and lifestyles facilitate romantic intensity even during normal times. During SD times, it’s even more so because you CAN’T make plans with other people, even if you want to. Ben and Ana are enjoying each other a lot right now. You think any of their friends have sent them a joke gift copy of Love in the Time of Cholera