You know what profession might be well-suited to social distancing? Paparazzi. If they’re using long lens and keeping three meters away, it looks like they can still do their jobs. 

Here are Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas out for a morning walk with her dog this weekend. They’re clearly very close – holding hands, with their arms around one another, at one point hugging. I like the shot of them from behind, he has his arm around her shoulders, and her arm is around his waist, and the dog is looking up at them like…seriously? 



As we’ve seen, since word that they’re dating first broke when they were spotted in Cuba, Ben and Ana aren’t hiding their relationship. And now that there’s a travel lockdown and with the shelter in place order in California, it’s obvious that it’s pretty serious between them, right? They’re basically living together.

Ana doesn’t have a permanent residence in Los Angeles. So presumably she’s staying with him, like indefinitely. We’ve gone from finding out that they’re together not even three weeks ago to moving in. And remember, they claim – through “sources” – that they only started their situation after wrapping on Deep Water. I mean, if you take that at face value, that would be mid-February. If you take it realistically, let’s say that they’ve been attracted to each other since last fall, and that it turned into something in January. Still a fast flame. Fast flames flame out fast, fast flames weren't meant to last™. Is Benana the exception? Will this one keep burning through the rest of the spring and into the summer, if the expert projections for this lockdown go as long as some are anticipating? Or will it blaze out quickly, before we plank the curve