Last November is when Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas started shooting Adrian Lyne’s Deep Water, described as an “erotic thriller”, as Adrian Lyne films always are, based on Patricia Highsmith’s novel. And we know now that this is when they started falling in love. They were seen having dinners together during off-set time in January but the spark, of course, happened when they were working. 


Ben and Ana kicked off 2020 with their romance, one of the our primary gossip preoccupations of the year. They were the celebrity couple of the early part of the pandemic in North America but over the last few months, since about mid-summer, they’ve kept their sh-t mostly undercover. 

Here we are though, new shots of the two of them in New Orleans presumably for reshoots definitively confirming that they’re fine, more than fine. We only have access to these shots below of them talking flirtily, which evidently is not a word, so to be clear, the vibe here on my read is flirty. In other photos that we do not have access to, they’re kissing. While he’s having a cigarette. You know you have to be super into someone to keep kissing them when they’re smoking. Click here to see.

As for that ring on her finger, don’t get too excited. I’m thinking that’s probably for the role. But let’s talk about the movie. Because Deep Water was initially supposed to be released last week, November 13. It’s now due to open in August 2021. So if the pandemic didn’t happen, it should have already been completed. And they only announced the delay back in September. So it’s interesting that reshoots are happening now. Obviously when you have more time, you can do more things, and you can make adjustments, so it doesn’t mean anything about the quality of the film. I’m just curious how different it would have been if Deep Water had come out when it was originally supposed to. 

Not that anyone is thinking about this while looking at these pictures. I don’t really want to think about it either. The main takeaway here, yes, is that Ben and Ana have made it a year. Congratulations BenAna!