Well here’s a setback for the conspiracy theorists who thought that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas were a fauxmance. Ben and Ana spent time, together, with his kids this weekend. And all the dogs were there. Ben and Ana’s dogs we’re by now already familiar with, but they also had Jennifer Garner’s family dog, Birdie, with them. 


What does this mean, beyond the obvious? 

The obvious would be that Ben and Ana are serious about each other. That was clear the moment they decided to go into lockdown together. Even when he was with Lindsay Shookus, there was never any interaction with the children. If Ana’s becoming a part of his kids’ lives, well, the suggestion here is that she WILL BE a part of the kids’ lives. Which means that at some point there would have been a conversation about it with Jennifer Garner – because this is an all-team family decision. There is no way Ben just decided that Ana was spending time with the kids without discussing it with their mother. Those of you in a similar position can likely relate to doing this dance. And while, yes, I’m sure there are stories here and there of exes who did not respect each other in this way, by all accounts, Ben and Jen have co-parented cooperatively and it’s highly unlikely he would have moved on this without her buy-in. 


Now that I think we’ve killed the conspiracy theory that Ben-Ana wasn’t real though, there’s another one out there that’s less conclusive. If our takeaway here, knowing that Ben has introduced Ana to his kids, is that this relationship is (hopefully, for them) permanent...

Well, you know what makes things really permanent? A pregnancy. Pregnancy rumours have persisted since they first got together and they will likely continue now. Some of you email me regularly to tell me how convinced you are that Ben and Ana are expecting their first child. If so, is this a rollout? All the pap shots to get us acclimated to them being together. Then stories in the magazines about how great everything is between them and with Jen and the kids. Now the kids are getting more and more familiar with Ana. And …what’s next?