Ana de Armas just covered Vanity Fair and after the success of Knives Out, with several projects in the pipeline, she’s breaking big. Her most recent project is the lead role opposite Ben Affleck in Deep Water, based on the Patricia Highsmith novel about a couple in an open marriage and the mind games they play with each other. Adrian Lyne is the director. Adrian Lyne also directed 9 ½ Weeks, Fatal Attraction, Indecent Proposal, so this film may very well have the same darkly sensual undertones – or overtones, depending on your lens. Deep Water has been described as an “erotic thriller”. Which brings us to its two stars. 

Has the onscreen chemistry between Ana and Ben become real? 

Here’s a tweet from back in January in New Orleans, when they were on a night out.  

That sighting didn’t get much attention at the time but after spending time promoting The Way Back and then with his family earlier this week, evidently Ben was in Havana yesterday with Ana – they were spotted out for dinner and walking around town. 


If you’re asking whether they were there on work-related business, it is unlikely that they were shooting Deep Water in Cuba and they apparently wrapped in February; the film is supposed to open in November. Ana is from Cuba. Is she simply bringing a colleague home to show him around? 

Or… ?

I’m inclined to go with option #2. People fall in love on set all the time. And I can’t imagine Ben Affleck would have a hard time falling in love with Ana de Armas on set. Ben, it’s said, can be pretty charming himself. Interestingly enough he told Kelly Clarkson this week that he speaks Spanish “passively” and now he’s taking lessons because he can’t let his oldest daughter, Violet, speak Spanish better than he does. 


Here he is doing an interview in Spanish last month and he actually mentions Ana:


Have you ever been so into someone or something that you can’t help but find a way to drop them into conversation? Is that what’s happening with Ben? 

Attached – Ben and Ana on the Deep Water set. My Photo Assumption, our favourite game of baseless conclusions, is that this is very much ON.

(Thanks Anna!)