We went from seeing Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas every day to… no BenAna, for weeks! Months now? They’re now back in LA after being in Ireland when he was shooting The Last Duel but so far, there have been no paparazzi-documented dog walks or coffee runs, although Ana recently posted a couple of dog photos on Instagram stories and it looks like she’s still living at Ben’s so if you’re wondering if they’re still a thing, they are still a thing. But that’s not the Ben love connection that’s in the spotlight today. 


In the hearts and minds of the pop culture public, Ben’s most significant relationship is with his best friend, Matt Damon. And now he and Matt are using that attachment of a good cause – two good causes, actually: Ben’s Eastern Congo Initiative and Matt’s Water.org.

Do you want to hang out with the Good Will Hunting boys? Now’s your chance. They’re doing an Omaze campaign, the video was just posted today, and it’s very good. It’s even better that it’s not fancy. The background is sh-t. The lighting is sh-t. Doesn’t really seem like they really spent a lot of time working out what to say – which is precisely WHY it works: because this is how you imagine they do actually speak to one another. 


I mean, sure, there’s a bit that they’re loosely adhering to where Ben’s the one coaching Matt on how to be “authentic” but I totally believe that Matt drops in the Robert Pattinson references when the cameras aren’t rolling. And that Matt’s used to taking the Jeremy Renner jabs too. Also now we know that Matt has a private Instagram. Of course he does, he has teen daughters. But the point here is that they’re capitalising on one of the most never-go-out-of-style celebrity gossip hooks: our fascination with celebrity friendship. For many, then, this will hit them in the throwback feels at a time when nostalgia is potent. I wonder how willing they’ll be to get nostalgic if you actually do win the chance to spend time with them. Because that’s where we all want to go, right? 

Or maybe you want to instead talk about Ben’s… glow-up? Someone’s been working out! And refreshed! And I don’t mean in the way that involves tweaks with a needle to the face. At least not the LA way. This is not LA Face. Ben’s not fluffy in the cheeks at all. Quite the opposite actually. This is how my friends look when they only eat dry chicken breast for six weeks to get ready for whatever it is that they need to get ready for: a wedding, Pride, a photo shoot, a trip. What’s Ben’s motivation?