Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus were in Maine this weekend. We know this because a Twitter user posted a photo of Ben and Lindsay at a liquor store:

Turns out Ben and Lindsay came by the same liquor store another time, because the Twitter user ran into Ben and Lindsay again the following day and asked for a photo:

She also spoke to Radar and said that Ben and Lindsay left with a couple of bottles of rose and a bottle of SkinnyGirl margaritas. 

The purchases could have, of course, been just for Lindsay. And that’s fine. But… it’s not a good look, is it? Many of you, like me, probably know someone who’s in recovery. I’m not sure being at a liquor store is a good idea for someone who’s in recovery. I’m not sure taking someone who’s in recovery to a liquor store is a good idea either? Maybe they were buying a host/ess gift for someone? Maybe it wasn’t for them? Maybe they’re working on a short film with a small budget and the alcohol was used as a prop on set? I mean…sure. There are many possibilities. I hope that of all the possibilities, though, whatever the reason, he’s continuing to make his mental health and sobriety a priority.