As we know, Ben Affleck over the last few weeks has been in treatment for addiction. During this time, he’s been seen visiting his children and Jennifer Garner and also hanging out with his new girlfriend, Shauna Sexton. Last week, he was photographed at Warner Bros for a meeting, prompting speculation that he’s not quite done with being Batman. Please note, however, that Ben is one of the WB boys. They always have time for Ben, whether it’s as Batman or directing and producing his own projects. 

That speculation has only intensified now, however, because Ben was once again sighted on a break from treatment yesterday walking around Santa Monica looking pretty brawny, like he’s auditioning for the role of Emmett Cullen in the Twilight reboot. (Everybody calm down, there is no Twilight reboot.) It could be that he’s focusing on his health, all aspects of it. That now that he’s clean, he has the energy to look after his mind and body together, and it has nothing to do with becoming a superhero again. Or it could be that now that he’s clean, he’s motivated to get back to work, to get his mind and body back in working condition…to be the Batman? He definitely looks like he’s feeling it, like he’s feeling himself. Which has ultimately been the elusive balance for Ben Affleck. To stay right at that sweet spot of happiness before he gets too far ahead of himself. Those of us who’ve experienced it, either ourselves personally or through family and friends, know too well that recovery cannot be rushed. And we’ve seen often, especially in Hollywood, when business often comes before wellness, what those consequences can be.