Jennifer Lopez was in New York City yesterday promoting Marry Me, and I’ve been wondering the last couple of weeks whether or not Ben Affleck would join her during the press tour. She was at his side last fall when he was pushing The Last Duel and The Tender Bar and now that she has a project to promote, would he show up for her?


Here’s Bennifer last night in Manhattan. JLo was seen at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon pre-taping an appearance for tonight. Ben was holding a cooler bag on their way out. The bag was then carried by a bodyguard at the end of the evening after dinner when they returned to their hotel. Curious to know what’s in there. My guess is something hair and makeup related. It has the shape of an artist kit. He also changed at one point between The Tonight Show and dinner – these are the logistics questions that keep me up at night. Did he change in the car? Did they got back to the hotel and he changed but she didn’t? That would be so hard for me, not the changing part but the going back out part. When I’m out, I can stay out. But if you get me back inside where there’s a bed and I can take my shoes off, my enthusiasm for leaving again is drastically decreased. Then again, if I had access to the kind of service that Bennifer gets when they go out, it might be a different story. 

As for the Bennifer schedule over the next few days, now that we know he’s in New York with her, will there be a carpet at some point? If not the Marry Me carpet, how about the SAG carpet? The Screen Actors Guild Awards are three weeks away and Ben’s been nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Bennifer at an award show is always great for gossip. Wish on it!