Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were at the Super Bowl last night which she’d already talked about on Live with Kelly and Ryan last week. Every private box last night was seemingly stacked with celebrities and the box Bennifer was in was no exception. You can see Cardi and Offset in the video below, and Demi Lovato on the left just before it cuts off, and also Olivia Rodrigo who isn’t pictured but was hanging out in the same area. 


During the game, the camera cut to Bennifer multiple times. 

But this isn’t the Valentine’s gift they gave to gossip. And if you haven’t seen what I’m talking about, I’m so happy for you because I’m about to make your Monday so much better. 


So JLo has this community newsletter thing, On the JLo, that she shares with subscribers. I’d never heard of it until Friday when a reader called Emily emailed me about it and I sent it to Maria who was like, “is this an OnlyFans for secrets?” She was reacting to this message that JLo posted for the members, promising that if they ever wanted to know anything about her life, they just have to ask her, via email, and she’ll answer. 

As she says in that video, she got an early Valentine’s Day gift that was really special…and she DID end up sharing it… 


And now we’ve all seen it, so a gift to her, from Ben, obviously, is now a gift to all of us. And we must appreciate this gift, truly treasure it. Bennifer is the best thing to happen to gossip in a long, long, LONG time. They keep giving. We keep receiving. So before we get to unwrapping this present, let’s be clear that even if there’s laughter here, we are laughing with love. Only love. This is what makes Bennifer gossip such great gossip – it’s FUN, nobody is getting f-cked over or hurt, nothing dirty is happening, there’s no risk of controversy, and too few gossip stories come are so self-served and guilt-free. Can we please just appreciate? Because there’s so much to appreciate. 

So if you haven’t already, here’s the video that Ben Affleck made for Jennifer Lopez for Valentine’s Day 2022. It’s been over 48 hours and I’m amazed it’s still available to view. I don’t know how much longer that’s going to last though so hit while you can…

And now that you have, and if you’re not cramping too hard from the cringe, can we talk about what this video actually is? 

It’s supposed to be a tribute to their relationship, how they found their way back to each other. But is it also a Good Will Hunting retrospective? As Maria noted, why is there so much Matt Damon?! LOL FOREVER.


Again, not complaining! We are better for this, my life is better that I’ve seen this. And yours should be too! JLo’s life is clearly better because this was the low-tech Valentine that she got – not a giant diamond, not a thousand bouquets (although that still might happen today), not an expensive gesture to represent Ben’s love. No, instead, Ben Affleck, Oscar-winning Best Picture director, opened up iMovie (just like us!) and cobbled together footage from first Oscar-winning film and the “Jenny From The Block” video and several paparazzi images and remixed her own song for her, complete with lingering close-ups of himself, smoking, vogueing (hahahaha), and, and, AND!!!!

Footage from GIGLI!

That’s how you know it’s true love real love, can’t stop won’t stop. Because the thing that was so mocked during OG Bennifer times, their great embarrassment, has now alchemised all these years later into a fond memory.

So does it matter that the edit transitions are brutal (seriously there are better quality videos played at high school assemblies)? Does it matter that Matt Damon has been cast as some kind of third wheel romantic villain in this scenario? 


Love wins, everybody! That’s the lesson!