It was about a year ago that Ben Affleck made headlines for being on Raya. Last May, juuuuust after Bennifer 2.0 became the top gossip headline, this went viral: 


It was then revealed that this happened in 2019-ish, right before he and Ana de Armas became a thing. Before that people had been rumouring for years that Ben was on Raya and he actually made a joke about it in 2019 and over the last year, obviously, everything related to Ben and romance has been all Jennifer Lopez. 

On an episode of the new season of Selling Sunset though, Emma Hernan told Chrishell Staus that they matched on Raya and were messaging back and forth, but said that it was before Ben and JLo got back together. Since it’s Ben Affleck though, and since Selling Sunset is so popular, of course it picked up some heat. Emma’s rep has since told PEOPLE that this happened in 2019, and Ben’s rep also gave a statement to PEOPLE: 

"Raya has confirmed that he has not been an active member for several years." 


Sounds about right? It’s 2022, this all went down in 2019, three years qualifies as “years” and he’s engaged now, and across the board it’s been clear that all of this Raya activity was not recent. So I’m not even sure why he and his team had to address it since the timeline was already provided by the people who were trying to trade off his name. 

That said, once again this story provides some insight about what Ben’s outlook would have been back then. He was looking for love! He was putting himself out there! One of the most famous men in the world swiping left and right … just like everyone else (with access to an exclusive dating app)…even though it didn’t work out for him. We don’t know whether or not Ben actually ended up hooking up on Raya but when he did fall in love, it was the old-fashioned way: at work, with Ana de Armas. And when that ended, he fell back in love with an ex, also kinda old-fashioned. 

Now they’re getting married. 

And still looking for a house. Bennifer was papped out a few times this weekend, generously giving us new photos to start the week and diverting and muting whatever noise is still out there about all his Raya-ing back in the day, LOL.