Dodgeball is one of those movies that isn’t good and I won’t defend it, but if it’s on TV, I will watch it and laugh every time. (That actually describes most of the early 2000s output of Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell.) So when Lainey emailed me about a Dodgeball reunion video, I immediately clicked “play” on that sh*t. Stiller returns as mulleted gym rat White Goodman, and Vince Vaughn, Justin Long—when was the last time anyone saw Justin Long?—and Christine Taylor are back as the Average Joes. The video is an advertisement for a charity auction through Omaze, benefitting The Stiller Foundation. You can either join Globo Gym or the Joes and you’ll get to play a game of dodgeball with them. Given Stiller’s commitment to a bit, I assume he will be in character the whole time.

There is a slightly smutty twist to this, though, as Stiller and Taylor are getting a divorce. Vaughn’s line, “Sorry to interrupt your super weird thing here,” may or may not be a reference to the state of things in the real world. On the other hand, that they can still do stuff like this together suggests that remaining “the closest of friends” isn’t just publicist-ese. Or it’s a little bit of both—the break-up is relatively drama-free but it’s still weird as f*ck for a longtime friend to witness. I know I should be more charity-minded, but really what I want to do is enter this auction over and over in the hopes that I will get to spend a day watching Stiller and Taylor. They should make that an Omaze contest: Come spend a day with a divorcing celebrity couple and get all the smut you want.