Benedict Cumberbatch almost played Bill Compton on True Blood. Benedict Cumberbatch, the most British person I can think of, the human equivalent of tea and biscuits, almost played a sexy Southern vampire. Vampire Bill and Anna Paquin’s Sookie Stackhouse were always having sex. They were having passionate, intense, only-seen-on-HBO sex. Can you imagine Benedict Cumberbatch in those scenes? I don’t think I want to picture it but I can’t. My brain cannot compute. 

True Blood creator Alan Ball revealed at Vulture Festival that he met with Benedict while looking for an actor to play Bill in London. He settled on another British actor Stephen Moyer. Stephen went on to fall in love with and marry his co-star Anna Paquin. Alan Ball also revealed that Jessica Chastain auditioned for Anna’s role as Sookie. In another universe, are Benedict Cumberbatch and Jessica Chastain married? Cumberbitches, are you losing your minds? 

True Blood was batsh-t in the best way. Some of the sex scenes were WILD. I only watched the first two seasons so I don’t know what kinky sh-t they came up with later in the series but I just revisited this scene from season one where Sookie and Bill have sex right after he climbs out of his own grave. See? WILD.


I am crying laughing. Can you picture Benedict all dirty and thrusting like that? I can’t stop laughing at the image. I know Benedict does it for a lot of you. Duana and I are still in a fight from that time I said I can understand the thirst for Benedict. She doesn’t get it. I do not thirst for him in the same way, or at all, but I understand and respect you if your MBJ is Doctor Strange. No judgment. But Doctor Strange doesn’t ooze sex. Stephen Moyer doesn’t exactly do it for me either but you can’t deny the way he said “Sookie” was equally amazing, campy, ridiculous AND HOT. He pulled all of that off. Benedict could never.