Chris Evans is here to save your Thursday. 

I know the Best Chris debate is old by now and I’m not jumping in on that. But the best version of Chris Evans is when Chris Evans is with dogs. His dog, Dodger, is my favourite thing about him, the best posts on his Instagram were of Chris with Dodger. And that’s also why we miss Chris on Instagram – he deleted IG and Twitter earlier this summer, telling his followers that he needed a social media break which… celebrities, they’re just like us, right? The toxicity can get to everyone – even famous people, and in Chris’s case, the toxicity really went defcon when it was confirmed last year that he and Alba Baptista were dating


You know what the antidote to toxicity is though? 


Chris adopted Dodger from Animal Haven in NYC and he returned there recently to encourage more adoptions. Animal Haven has shared a video from his visit and… well… 

This is the kind of content nobody will be bitching about. 


These babies need a forever home. If you are able to, please consider welcoming them into yours. You’ll soon find out that they end up doing you a favour and making your life better. 

As for Chris – you know how I always say that his real laugh sounds so hilariously fake? The except is when he’s with dogs. When he’s with dogs his laugh sounds a lot more believable. 

In other Chris news, his film Pain Hustlers, co-starring Emily Blunt will have its world premiere at TIFF in a couple of weeks. It’s about “two pharmaceutical drug reps who unwittingly help kickstart the opioid epidemic.” Not sure if the film has been granted a waiver but if it hasn’t, it’s highly unlikely that the actors will be at the festival.