Chris Evans, currently PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive, was probably at the bottom of my list if you’d asked me to predict which celebrity would make a Big Valentine’s Day Gesture. He’s never really been all that public about his romantic relations. 


That said, the same week he was named the Sexiest Man Alive, he also confirmed that he’s dating Alba Baptista after the paps photographed them walking around New York. They went Instagram official a couple of months ago when he shared a video of them scaring each other. And now, Valentine’s Day, and this is a fan compilation of what he posted in stories. There’s more – including a video of Alba with marker all over her face but you get the idea: 


The reason I chose this particular tweet is because of the OP’s song choice – to me it’s referring to the haters. Because as I’ve mentioned before, there’s a lot of toxicity happening around this relationship. Some of Chris’s fans are very, very, VERY unhappy that he’s with Alba; the comments have been ugly. Maybe not quite as dialed up as it was with Harry Styles fans and their harassment of Olivia Wilde but heinous all the same. I wonder then if Chris’s Valentine tribute to Alba is kinda like his version of Prince Harry’s love shield for Meghan Markle when they first started dating. 

Can I just go back to his laugh though? Because it was the thing I mentioned when Chris and Alba went IG official and I’m still not over it. 

Why is his natural laugh so fake-sounding?! If he did this in a movie I would not believe the character. But I do know that there are people like this in the world, who are genuinely laughing but sound like they’re putting it on. Am now obsessed with this phenomenon and would be grateful if someone could do the research on how this happens.