I just remembered that Chris Evans is currently PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive and I don’t know if it’s interesting to you but it is interesting to me that he’s following the same SMA timeline as Michael B Jordan in 2020. Let me explain:

MBJ was named the Sexiest Man Alive in November of 2020, just before American Thanksgiving. Five minutes after his coronation, he was seen getting off a plane with Lori Harvey, confirming that they were in a relationship. In January 2021, they went Instagram official. 


Chris Evans was named the Sexiest Man Alive in November of 2022. And basically at the same time he and Alba Baptista were seen together holding hands in New York, confirmation that they were in a relationship. It’s now January 2023, and Chris and Alba are Instagram official. 

It wasn’t a hot couple photo on the feed – but different couples have their own styles. Chris and Alba’s style isn’t sexy posing but… sexy scaring each other? This is from Chris’s stories: 

Let’s not pretend that Chris is an amateur and that he and his people don’t know what it means when someone as famous as he is shares for the first time videos of his girlfriend on Instagram. He knows exactly the significance and that, clearly, is the energy he’s starting the year on. The message here is that these two are serious about each other but don’t take themselves too seriously. Their “thing” as a couple is to compete by trying to out-scare each other. I’m not convinced he’s scared in some of these, though? Why does his laugh sound so fake to me!? Is his natural laugh that fake-sounding? Is it weird that I find his acting-laugh more convincing than his authentic laugh?