Michael B Jordan was named PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive last week, a universally celebrated selection. He also just made the NYT’s Greatest Actors of the 21 Century (so far) list which is exactly why he’s such a force in Hollywood. MBJ has it all – the looks, the talent, the commitment, the attitude…not unlike the person he’s often compared to, as the NYT did in 2018 when they profiled both actors in a feature titled “Passing the Torch”. Denzel is currently directing MBJ in a new film. 


But it’s American Thanksgiving. Nobody is working. And how’s MBJ spending his break? Well, he’s apparently in Atlanta. And he arrived there yesterday with…

Lori Harvey!

Lori’s last relationship with Future ended in August. They were in lockdown together at the beginning of the pandemic and there were even pregnancy rumours but by the end of the summer, they’d unfollowed each other on Instagram. 


MBJ for a long time was rumoured to be dating Snoh Aalegra. If you’re unfamiliar with her, OMG, go listen to her album, Ugh those feels again, right now! MBJ was in her video for “Woah” and…well… if you haven’t seen it, this is why people were convinced that they were a thing late last year: 


Also why people WANTED them to be a thing. Because wouldn’t you want what you’ve just watched to be true? 

Other than the video though, there was very little other evidence to suggest that MBJ and Snoh, other than a few Instagram photos, were actually together or that they remained together after the video release. And there’s been almost nothing about the two of them in 2020. 

Which brings us back to Thanksgiving and MBJ with Lori, looking like they’re wearing matching sweat sets, getting off a plane and presumably spending time with family. It’s the sweats that’s convincing me that this is not just friendship. Sweats carry a LOT of sexual energy.