Cutaways at award shows always give good gossip. And the best gossip last night from the cutaways at the Grammys featured Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez and their awkward interactions. First of all, he looked bored all night – this, obviously, is not his scene, not his community, and the Video Assumption (our favourite game of baseless conclusions) here is that he just never got comfortable. 


Except of course when he ran into Adrien Brody: 

Ben Affleck and Adrien Brody talk during the 65th GRAMMY Awards at Arena on February 05, 2023 in Los Angeles, California

But then there’s this moment that’s gone viral. The cameras were on Bennifer because Trevor Noah was doing an intro seated next to them. 


The internet thinks it was tension, awkwardness, that she was scolding him for something. And the way her face fell after when she realised they were on camera further encourages that theory. This is the theory that made me laugh the most: 

Is that your read? Not the Gigli part, LOL, but that there’s some drama here? Maybe I’m going soft but I have a different read. Like, for sure, he wanted to be at home in his sweat pants eating donuts, totally. The Grammys are not his scene. But this moment? It looked, um, normal to me. Get ready for it, kids… 


It’s middle-aged marriage dynamics. Sometimes your spouse can be annoying. Sometimes you take your spouse out and he yawns or is constantly checking his phone. That’s why I prefer going to events with someone other than my husband. I went to two events last week without him and took two other men as my dates instead. Oftentimes my husband is my last resort. And when that happens, I too look at him the way JLo is looking at Ben. Irritated affection is what I call it. 

Is it actually possible that two beautiful and famous people might actually experience the mundane highs and lulls that ordinary people experience? To me that’s the ultimate gossip. Because it makes them boring and regular. 

That said, I do have a theory about JLo’s mood last night. And it’s related to her hair. Here’s a shot of JLo that she posted when she was on her way to the Grammys. You will note that she has her hair pushed back, in a mini half-pony: 


By the time she presented though, the hair was in a middle part, no pony: 

Between leaving the house, or wherever she was getting ready, and taking the stage to present, there was a hair change. This may not seem like a big deal to you as you’re sitting on the couch or at your desk or on the bus reading this, but I promise you, it’s a big deal when you’re at the Grammys and millions of people are watching you and you just spent hours getting ready. I work in television, I work on camera, I work with people on camera, I have a job that invites endless scrutiny, and I’m just a minor television personality in Canada, not Jennifer f-cking Lopez. One thing that goes wrong or gets wonky with your appearance? It can f-ck you up. For celebrities especially because they’re vain and insecure. 

That, to me, is why her energy was off last night. Nothing messes with your mojo like a hair issue.