Beyoncé, our Queen, is the all-knowing. She knows how to signal the Beyhive – and she knows what happens when the Beyhive receives the Bey Signal. They activate. 

The question for today is whether or not Beyoncé was actually deploying the Signal. Because, well, sometimes the Beyhive is triggered whether or not the Queen Bey actually wants them to be. Here’s the situation:

Beyoncé and Jay-Z, hip-hop’s first billionaire, were courtside for game 3 of the NBA Finals in Oakland last night between the Toronto Raptors (#WeTheNorth) and the Golden State Warriors. They were seated next to team owner Joe Lacob and his wife, Nicole Curran. This is the tweet that has gone viral:


I mean, this is why Twitter exists, right? Because HAHAHAHAHAHAHA – it’s not just the way B adjusts in her seat at the end, it’s also her expression, her face falling precipitously. There should be a sound effect that kicks in the moment her smile starts fading from her lips!

You can imagine the assumptions that the Beyhive started making, like immediately. And pretty soon they found Nicole Curran on social media and started buzzing her posts. 

Was Beyoncé actually annoyed by Nicole leaning over her to talk to Jay though? IF Beyoncé was annoyed – and we’ll never really ever get confirmation on this – I’m more inclined to think it was for another reason. Here’s what Nicole posted on Instagram after getting swarmed: 


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For me, it’s the touching. Is she… like…is she… trying to fix Beyoncé’s hair? Is she imitating Drake and giving her a shoulder rub? 

I don’t know what’s happening but Kara Brown said it best:

As for Beyoncé, she has graced us by posting her outfit photos on her on IG and also… this carousel, so that we can take in the beauty that is her whole face, and a shot of her with Jay at the game, with a video at the end, and you’ll note that in both she’s cropped out Nicole. Is that the Signal? 


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