When I sent this to Kathleen a few minutes ago, she announced that Halloween 2018 is cancelled. By Beyoncé. Everyone can now go home. Right?!? Phoni Braxton! This is working out so great for me.  


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Don McLean, who I always mix up with Don Henley (sorry classic rock people, I didn’t grow up listening to this kind of “real music” on vinyl but I really like "Boys of Summer" and I know for sure that’s Henley, right?), has a new girlfriend. Well. Maybe she’s not new. Maybe they’ve been together a while. Actually no, at her age, it’s impossible that there’s history in this relationship. So. My point is that she’s very young, compared to him, and loves him very much. (Dlisted) 

Here’s what I really want to know about the Kardashian-Jenners: how does the money work? Kris is allegedly the manager, right? So she gets a percentage of what her daughters make. Apparently her cut is 10%. And there are FIVE DAUGHTERS. Is there a contract for this? Most contracts do not run in perpetuity. So if and when it expires, do they renegotiate? Why can’t they put THAT sh-t on television? That, to me, is way more interesting than one of the daughters buying her a $250K car. (Cele|bitchy) 

I’m into all of these outfits on Kerry Washington except for those jeans. They’re cut like those f-cking pants that Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle like to wear. Again. Mom jeans. You should try them. Kerry would look so good in mom jeans. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Well. Now I’ve been shamed. Because while I’m over here Halloween scrooging, Lin-Manuel Miranda, one of our ultimate faves, is geeking out for Halloween like only he can – with cleverness on Twitter. (Pajiba) 

Aly Raisman is relentless…and she should be. She is not letting USA Gymnastics move on until a proper investigation is conducted, until proper solutions are proposed. Interestingly, maybe one of the solutions is actually for her to do it herself. (TMZ) 

I am never going to be able to dance the way Ciara dances but I will try, in the privacy of my own home, so that no one will ever see. Not in a “dance like no one is watching” way. But in a “humanity should never have to have their eyes assaulted like this” way. (Vogue)