Beyoncé was seen yesterday. This, of course, is newsworthy because it’s not often that the Queen takes a break from all the genius sh-t that she does every day and steps out among mortals. She and Jay-Z went for lunch in Brooklyn. They were papped but why bother with the pap shots when she shares the photos she really wants you to see on Instagram? 


That said, before she posted on Instagram, there was already a frenzy on social media because of her bag. Beyoncé was carrying a white Telfar shopping bag, which was already a popular item and now, well, good luck trying to get one. When you think Beyoncé + bag, you’re assuming it’s thousands of dollars, right? The thing about the Telfar shopper is that while it’s not exactly cheap, it’s also far from exorbitant. Under $300 is pretty f-cking reasonable for a designer bag, and one with this much hype. Which is one of the reasons people were losing it yesterday when they saw that Beyoncé is walking around with a Telfar. 


But even before this blessing from the Queen, Telfar Clemens was already taking over fashion – but actively not participating in fashion culture. Telfar was way ahead of the industry before the pandemic, refusing to do things the way “it’s always been done” and thereby setting up the business for the future, which he and his team didn’t necessarily know would be upended by a virus, but since they innovated, the pandemic not only affected them, they had their most successful year ever in 2020. Which is why the New York Times recently called it “The Year of Telfar”.

And now that even Beyoncé is a fan of the brand – this is Telfar’s response: 

Telfar’s response on Insta stories

A flex. 

And just an hour ago, a new drop – in lavender, set your alarm and see if you can beat out thousands of other people for the latest. 

Also attached, Jay-Z yesterday leaving Roc Nation offices.