Dear Gossips,   

We are now three days from the beginning of a new era. The RENAISSANCE will arrive in three days … are you ready? 

Beyoncé, the new album, July 29 – at which point she will take over ALL the timelines. I’m actually considering opening the site that morning with “Dear Gossips, RENAISSANCE”, the end…because what else will there be to talk about?! 


Beyoncé of course hasn’t done much talking. There’s been no media blitz promoting the album, she’s barely been on social media, although she did post the vinyl artwork for RENAISSANCE a few days ago…

…but it’s not like we’ve seen her or heard from her, really. And why should we? She’s about to give us life (again) in the form of 16 songs, probably with videos to accompany. Everything she has to say she’ll say through the music. 


That doesn’t mean other people don’t have things to say though. In the days leading up to the release of RENAISSANCE, as everyone is bracing for yet another cultural shift, the kind only Beyoncé can inspire, there are think-pieces and podcasts and other studies devoted to her career so far. The New York Times yesterday posted a piece in which eight music critics attempt to answer the question “What is Beyoncé’s Definitive Album?” LOL, good luck with that. 

But while this is impossible to answer and find consensus on, what every critic agrees on is that she is peerless, an artist who can “sustain multiple visions and repeatedly regenerate”. The artist here is also the art. As they said on NPR’s All Songs Considered, “The Power of Beyoncé is about to change music … again”.  

Yours in gossip,