Beyoncé posted a video on Instagram this weekend encouraging her followers to sign one or all of the petitions being circulated demanding justice for George Floyd. The petitions can be accessed through her website. Beyoncé, as we know, has been supporting front line workers during the pandemic and has donated to organisations helping marginalised communities with equipment and testing. She and Jay-Z are also major supporters of Black Lives Matter, as it was revealed in 2015 that they’d been quietly bailing out protestors in Baltimore and in 2016 that they’d donated $1.5 million to the movement. 


It was revealed yesterday that Jay had spoken to Tim Walz, Governor of Minnesota after Walz first talked about it during a press conference: 

For sure, there are many who agree with some of Jay’s decisions, but at the same time, when it comes to pulling up, the Carters often do it without publicity. And as we saw at the start of the pandemic, they both remained in the background, working behind the scenes, until they had properly executed their initiatives. 


Other celebrities are donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to bail out protestors in Minneapolis. Here are some examples:

After one of the commenters called the protestors “rioters and criminals”, this is how Chrissy responded: 


Janelle Monae and Don Cheadle amplified the donations of their peers:

The Minnesota Freedom Fund has already raised $20 million so they are now encouraging people to donate to George Floyd’s family and other Black Lives Matter initiatives. If you would like more information on how you can help and where you can give, please click here for a list of resources.